An Artist’s View of Mushrooms

I only recently became aware of the work of one of our members, Alan McClelland, by a post he made to the OMS Yahoo Group. Online Alan uses the design/photography moniker eye.lyft (meaning visual elevation) and maintains a personal blog of his work from both the past and present. Alan is a freelance graphics artist by trade which gives him a perspective on the world of fungi that others may not always see or appreciate. He is also a passionate nature photographer at heart and has been capturing nature with his camera lens throughout Ohio for over a decade now. Since joining OMS in the summer 2010, he has transitioned his primary focus on the world of Fungi and has been working on several seasonal series up to this very day. Alan has graciously agreed to allow me to share his work here and I plan to highlight his Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Trees series for the future enjoyment of our mycological enthusiasts and future fungaphiles!

Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Trees.
by eye.lyft

Autumnal series I slideshow

“This is the fourth installment of this five part series that I captured between early September to early October of 2011. Ever enchanting colors unfold on the forest floor as the leaves start to slowly decay with wonderful richness. Much like late summer, fungi continues to flourish and fruit in the Allegheny Plateau and Till Regions of Ohio. Old growth Forest preserves and Hocking Hills Valley proved to be best for finding a vast variety of species especially. This series was captured at Clear Creek Metro Park, Wahkeena Preserve, Cedar Falls, Nelson-Kennedy Ledges, and the Rose Lake area located within Hocking Hills State Park.”

Boletus rubellus

Cortinarius iodes
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Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina

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