We’re Going Live!

Welcome to the new web domain for Ohio Mushroom Society! This is the new home for OMS which will slowly evolve in the next months with several new featured updates concerning the wonderful world of Fungi!  For those of you that would like to seek out previous information concerning OMS, our former website is still available here. Many exciting new things will be unfolding throughout the year, so keep an eye on us!

For a brief overview of the organization and content of this site please visit the About – Navigation page.

As we implement the transition to a new web hosting vehicle the issue of whether to port the old content to the new website has been discussed.  After some deliberation the decision has been made to make a clean break from the old content.  The club is looking forward and while we are proud of what has come before it does not make sense to spend time converting old materials to the new format.  The old website and the content it hosts will remain available for the foreseeable future but the club prefers to invest its time and energy moving forward with the newer content.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to contact us using the Contact form available from the Top Menu Bar or simply post a comment directly to this post!


The Ohio Mushroom Society

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