April Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the April installment of Mushrooms of the Month on our new site. The weather here is slowly ascending. Along with warmer weather we will typically see even more species start flourishing on the forest floor. One that we favor in particular is the Morchella species! Not only for being one of the more unique looking group of species, but a choice edible and culinary delight for most of us. So keep a keen eye to the ground the next time you are out in your favorite springtime haunt and mark your calendars with our upcoming Morel forays!

Morchella diminutiva by Alan McClelland

yellow morelMorchella esculentoides by Dan Molter

black morel
Morchella elata by Dan Molter

Morchella esculentoides
Morchella esculentoides by Walt Sturgeon

Morchella elata
Morchella elata by Walt Sturgeon

Morchella deliciousa_AMoore
Morchella species group(dried) by Andrea Moore

Morchella esculenta by Jerry Pepera
Morchella angisticeps by Jerry Pepera

Fammulina velutipes by Jerry Pepera

Sarcoscypha coccinea by Andrea Moore

Panus conchatus_DM
Panus conchatus by Dan Molter

Pluetus sp._DM
Pluetus sp. by Dan Molter

Urnula craterium_DM
Urnula craterium by Dan Molter

Crepidotus sp. by Dan Molter

Fusicolla merismoides_DM
Fusicolla merismoide by Dan Molter

Agrocybe praecox_DM
Agrocybe praecox by Dan Molter

Trametes versicolor_AMoore
Trametes versicolor by Andrea Moore

Polyporus squamosus_AMoore
Polyporus squamosus by Andrea Moore

Gyromitra esculenta_AMoore
Gyromitra brunnea by Andrea Moore

Phellinus rimosus 1
Phellinus rimosis by Walt Sturgeon

Ganoderma applanatum CF (4)
Ganoderma applanatum by Walt Sturgeon


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