Spring Foray at Hocking Hills

by Alan McClellandOMS_MorelForay2013_32
A few weekends ago, Shirley McClelland and myself lead a foray for the elusive Morchella species within Hocking Hills. We had an excellent turnout for a spring mini-foray with both older and newer members alike that were very ambitious to find this springtime wild delectable. We first embarked on an educational route through some creekside territory, then a smaller group of us, in the early afternoon went to an approved private land area that looked nice but did not produce for anything all that interesting. Later an even smaller group joined me and we lucked out with a small spread of morels shown above in another area. Along the way, we saw many gorgeous wildflowers and a few other common fungi such as dryad’s saddle and mica caps. Overall, a pretty successful foray by the end of the day for those who endured and had the time to seek out more. For many, a very nice educational walk on a pleasant warm springtime day with everyone getting to know the elusive morel!

Click on the picture above to see some glimpses of that day!

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