Organic Wood ear & Vegetable Miso Soup

by Alan McClelland

Organic Ingredients:
Wood ear Mushrooms (qty desired)
1/3 Red Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
1 bunch Chives
1 bunch Rainbow Carrots (or regular)
1-2 cups of frozen Okra (or fresh)
1” Ginger root
1 Lemon
4-5 cups Spring Water
2-3 tbsp Organic Dark Miso
1 tsp Maine Coast Kelp Granules (optional)
1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt
1 tsp Smoked Black Pepper
1 tsp Tumeric

Prepare Wood ear mushrooms by slicing off stems and slicing lengthwise slivers. Finely chop vegetables and ginger root and add to 4-5 cups of boiling water. Keep Miso, Wood ear mushrooms, Spices, Chives, Lemon off to the side. Bring down water to medium-low heat and cook vegetables and ginger root 8-12 minutes. Once vegetables are cooked close to desired tenderness, add woodear mushrooms and cook 7-10 minutes at medium simmer.
Prepare 2-3 tbsp of Miso from hot broth on side to ensure no chunks of Miso are in soup. Stir in Miso, Chives, Celtic Sea Salt, Kelp Granules, Black Pepper, and Tumeric in the very last 2-3 minutes of cooking. Serve soup and slice lemon in half and squeeze juice of one half overtop each bowl served. Immerse into a healthy and rich mushroom veggie soup!


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