Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Trees • summer series I

Hygrocybe cantharellus

This is the second installment of my five part series that I captured between mid-June through early August of 2011 & 2012. The Summer unfolds a variety of gorgeous Boletus, Agaricus and other interesting species bringing a whole new realm of colorful enchantment to the forest floor. Much of my time was focused in the Hocking Hills Valley and Clear Creek Metro Park regions which always seems promising, even when rainfall is scarce. I always seem to find a few critters along the way that make the trips even more magical! Summer is here and one of the best seasons to get out and enjoy Ohio’s lush array of biodiverse Fungi species. Take a glimpse of what mushrooms you may find the next time you are out on a pleasant walk in Nature.

Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Treessummer series I



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