2013 OMS Summer Chanterelle Mini-foray

OMS_JulyChaMF2013_15by Alan McClelland

This past Sunday, Shirley McClelland lead a dozen of us to an excellent secret spot just within the Hocking Hills region to find the elusive but super delicious Black Trumpets and an array of tasty chanterelle species. Of which many of us hoped for and did find with much success! In addition along the way, we found a nice diversity of boletus, amanita, russula and polypore species that made the hidden spot even more magical for many of us who were taking photos. Hugh Urban once again saved the day with his vast knowledge of species from the area and brought along his mushroom hunting buddy to help scout those tasty edibles. So here is a glimpse of what we saw that beautiful Sunday morning in the lush forest of Hocking Hills.

• 2013 OMS Hocking Hills July Chanterelle overview gallery
• 2013 OMS Hocking Hills July Chanterelle Mini-foray species list

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