Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Trees • summer series II

Craterellus fallaxby Alan McClelland

This is the third installment of a five part series that I captured between mid July to late September of 2011-2012. Species start to flourish on the forest floors around this time of year, making it some of the best times to see true diversity in the world of fungi. As exploration continued in the Hocking Hills Valley and Clear Creek regions, I also branched out on weekends with my wife to several other nature preserves and state parks such as: Pinehill Crall Woods and Davey Woods state nature preserves, Buck Creek, NimisilaSalt Fork, and Shawnee state parks. All of which proved worthy of unveiling a diversity species that I have not seen anywhere else so far in that year. Here’s a glimpse of some of those magical moments captured!

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