September Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the September installment of Mushrooms of the Month. As the season starts to transition and become slightly cooler,  a new crop of species start to unveil themselves throughout the forest floor. Several bold new species align with the upcoming  season’s color change and emerge for all of us to enjoy. Tasty and medicinal edible species start to unfold during this month and continue on into the Fall season. If you have missed several of our forays this past Spring & Summer, you might try out one this month and see what you have been missing and start thinking about attending our OMS Fall Foray at Deep Woods nearby Ash Cave in Hocking Hills, October 5-6th. And don’t forget to bring your mushroom basket, knife and camera!

Sept - Marita
Lepiota sp. by Marita King

Mycena leaiana_DM
Mycena leaiana by Dan Molter

Leucoagaricus americanus by Alan McClelland

Sept - Grifola frondosa Four Day Growth Sequence - Marita
Grifola frondosa by Marita King

Grifola frondosa_AM
Grifola frondosa by Andrea Moore

Sept - Grifola frondosa, one week growth sequence - Marita
Grifola frondosa by Marita King

Grifola frondosaGrifola frondosa by Hugh Urban

Leucoagaricus leucothites_WSLeucoagaricus leucothites by Walt SturgeonNancy with Calvatia giganteaCalvatia gigantea by Hugh Urban

Hericium americanum_HUHericium coralloides by Hugh Urban

06Ramaria-stricta-ssp_1Ramaria stricta by Alan McClelland

Macrolepiota procera_AM
Macrolepiota procera by Andrea Moore

Sept - Coprinus comatus - Marita
Coprinus comatus by Marita King

Sand Dune Amanita by Alan McClelland

Lycoperdon pyriforme_WS
Lycoperdon pyriforme by Walt Sturgeon

Suillus americanus_AM
Suillus americanus by Andrea Moore

Ramaria subbotrytis_AM
Ramaria botrytis by Andrea Moore

Omphalotus illudens_Am
Omphalotus illudens by Andrea Moore

Mycena haematopus_DM
Mycena haematopus by Dan Molter

Leccinum aurantiacum by Alan McClelland

Lactarius vinaceorufescens_WS
Lactarius vinaceorufescens by Walt Sturgeon

Sept - Mutinus elegans - Marita
Mutinus elegans by Marita King

Echinoderma aspera_WS
Echinoderma aspera by Walt Sturgeon

Phylloporus leucomycelinus by Alan McClelland

Peziza varia fungi FEMPeziza varia by John Plischke III

Asterophora parasitica FEM
Asterophora parasitica by John Plischke III

Peziza varia spore fem
Peziza varia by John Plischke III

Mycena sp_DM
Mycena subcaerulea by Dan Molter


5 thoughts on “September Mushrooms of the Month

  1. Can you tell me what this is. Found in the grassy pasture. Thanks
    I will try and post a picture. If not I can leave my email and do it that way.

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