November Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the November installment of Mushrooms of the Month. As many of us already know as winter sets in, several mushrooms species cease to exist during the upcoming colder months. But there are a few new species that unfold during these colder months and continue to fruit into this month that normally appear in October. Some of these are late Hens of the Woods, Lion’s Mane and Oyster mushrooms to name a few. Being there is a lot of fallen leaf litter on the forest floors also makes it harder in finding these elusive species. But do not give up just yet! While are out enjoying the beautiful colors of the decaying leaves, don’t forget to keep looking down and up for that matter if you are looking for some hericium species that is!

Panellus serotinus_AMPanellus serotinus by Alan McClelland

A for OMS Nov P. ostreatus  Marita KingPleurotus ostreatus by Marita King

Mycena galericulata_DMMycena galericulata by Dan Molter

Pleurotus ostreatus_PRPleurotus ostreatus by Pete Richards

Pleurotus ostreatus_DMPleurotus ostreatus by Dan Molter

Polyporus brumalisPolyporus brumalis by Walt Sturgeon

Tricholoma portentosumTricholoma portentosum  by Dan Molter

Sarcoscypha sp.Sarcoscypha sp. by Dan Molter

Cyptotrama asprataCyptotrama asprata by Dan Molter

flammulina2_HUFlammulina velutipes by Hugh Urban

Galerina marginata_AMGalerina marginita by Alan McClelland

Panellus serotinus2_AMPanellus serotinus with Unknown sp. by Alan McClelland

Holwaya mucidaHolwaya mucida by Dan Molter

Metatrichia vespariumMetatrichia vesparium by Dan Molter

Scorias spongiosa Scorias spongiosa_beechblightaphidScorias spongiosa with host Beech Blight Aphid by Dan Molter

Pholiota aurivellaPholiota aurivella by Walt Sturgeon

Suillus luteusSuillis luteus by Walt Sturgeon

Agaricus macrosporus_ Agaricus macrosporus by Pete Richards

Agaricus arvensis 5a Agaricus arvensis by Pete Richards

50Agaricus-arvensis-grc_3Agaricus arvensis by Alan McClelland


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