January Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the January installment of Mushrooms of the Month. The New Year is here and with the random warm spells we have been experiencing, you never know what might pop up through the soft layers of snow covered logs and soil. A variety of late fall species can even produce a delayed fruiting if the temperatures are just right and the moisture is perfect. Mushrooms are as we already know quite elusive, and the snow certainly does not help matters. But when the temperature breaks, it might be a good time to get out and explore! Just make sure to bundle up in layers, gloves, hat, scarf, drink & bring lots of warm liquids, and even a nice pair of ice cleats might be necessary depending on where you are going. And yeah don’t forget your camera!

Pleurotus ostreatus_AM2013Pleurotus ostreatus by Andrea Moore

2013-12-22 Oyster MushroomsWinter Oyster Time Lapse by Marita King

MushroomPumpkin_2012_03The Illuminated Fungi of Hallow’s Eve by Alan McClelland

2013-12-28 Clear CreekA Splash of Fungi Color by Marita King

Auricularia auricula_AM2013Auricularia auricula by Andrea Moore

Flammulina velutipes_AM2013Flammulina velutipes by Andrea Moore

Dacrymyces_sp_MKTremella mesenterica by Marita King

Ischnoderma resinosum var. yoda by Alan McClelland

Exidia glandulosa_DMExidia glandulosa by Dan Molter

Chondrostereum purpureum_DMChondrostereum purpureum by Dan Molter

Mycena corticola_DmMycena corticola by Dan Molter

Schizophyllum commune_DMSchizophyllum commune by Dan Molter

Ramariopsis kunzei found by Wicket! by Alan McClelland

Dacrymyces sp. by Walt Sturgeon

Ferry Farmer's Market_WSFerry’s Farmers Market Mushrooms by Walt Sturgeon

Pleurotus djamour var. roseus_WSPleurotus djamour var. roseus by Walt Sturgeon 

Mushroom Dyed Yarn_WSMushroom dyed yarn by Walt Sturgeon

The Great Hunt for Coprinus comatus by Alan McClelland

Morel Bliss Blues by Alan McClelland


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