March Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the March installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Yes, it’s March and the snow is still upon us. But soon it will melt in the next weeks as temps start to rise and some of the most delightful and culinary delights will be upon us! So keep and eye on the weather and as we approach April and you might want to get out your lucky mushroom stick and get into the forest. In the meanwhile, check out this article posted last year around this time – Morels and How to find Them by Tim Geho.

TheHolyMorelSpringtime relic by Alan McClelland

Sarcoscypha austriaca_HUSarcoscypha austriaca by Hugh Urban

Auricularia auricula  
by Walt Sturgeon

Gyromitra korfii_DMGyromitra korfii by Dan Molter

Puccinia mariae-wilsoniae on Claytonia virginicaPuccinia mariae-wilsoniae on Claytonia virginica by Dan Molter

Mushroom Books_02Foraging essentials from Gary Lincoff by Alan McClelland

Urnula craterium_DMUrnula craterium by Dan Molter

Exidia recisa_DMExidia recisa  by Dan Molter

Lenzites betulina_DMLenzites betulina  by Dan Molter

Morchella angusticeps_HUMorchella angusticeps by Hugh Urban

Morchella esculenta_HUMorchella esculenta by Hugh Urban

Disciotis venosa_HUDisciotis venosa by Hugh Urban

Fall2012_fungi_AHM_07The Hunt begins… Alan McClelland

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