April Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the April installment of Mushrooms of the Month. The weather is finally starting move into warmer temperatures as spring should be! Knowing this, we should start to see some culinary delights emerge throughout the forest floor as the month progresses towards May. For many of us, this is a traditional time to get out with friends and family to find those “golden” spots that we all secretively share and to gather up those forest gems to enjoy once again! So start your research now if you are new to morels and hang out with those who know how to find them!

Morchella diminutiva_AMMorchella diminutiva by Alan McClelland

Ganoderma tsugae_AMGanoderma tsugae by Alan McClelland

Morchella esculenta_HUMorchella Motherload! by Hugh Urban

Morchella_esculenta_DMLovely in the Sun by Dan Molter

Morchella semilibera_HUMorchella punctipes by Hugh Urban

Morchella angusticeps_HUMorchella angusticeps by Hugh Urban


Coprinellus micaceus_MK
Coprinellus micaceus by Marita King

Verpa bohemica (2)Verpa bohemica by Walt Sturgeon

Polyporus squamosus_AMPolyporus squamosus by Alan McClelland

Gyromitra korfii .Gyromitra korfii by Walt Sturgeon

Morchella esculenta_AMMorchella esculentoides by Alan McClelland

Scorias spongiosa_DMScorias spongiosa by Dan Molter

Galerina autumnalis_DMGalerina autumnalis by Dan Molter

Sarcoscypha austriaca_MK
Sarcoscypha austriaca by Marita King

Sarcoscypha austriaca (3)Sarcoscypha austriaca by Walt Sturgeon

Cryptoporus volvatus _DMCryptoporus volvatus by Dan Molter

Entoloma vernum 3Entoloma vernum by Walt Sturgeon

myceliumMycelium by Alan McClelland

Polyporus squamosus_DMPolyporus squamosus by Dan Molter

Maya and morelsMaya & the Morel by Hugh Urban


8 thoughts on “April Mushrooms of the Month

  1. Scorias spongiosa! I was wondering why the Beech Blight Aphid turns completely black and spongy. Now I know

  2. We live here in Kentucky. My husband grows shiitake mushrooms. He cut fresh logs 7 months ago and used about 30 out of the 50 logs to drill,spawn and wax. He had to have a below knee amputation so he could not finish. He is wondering if he could do the rest of the logs now even though they were cut 7 months ago. They are oak and ash logs.

    • probably not, especially if left to dry….logs need to be fairly fresh, i just finished doing 700 logs, no ash, as i dont think that makes a good host. best wishes on your venture
      jack sedlak
      Hiram Ohio

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