May Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the May installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Now is the time to take advantage of the 2-3 week fruiting windows for various species of edible morels that can be found in Ohio. The only problem is—actually finding them and knowing what species are edible and which ones are not! So if you are new to morel foraging, make sure you hunt with and expert to make it well worth your day. Or come out to any of our various weekend morel forays this month as hopefully we will find some of these culinary delights for you to enjoy! Plus you will probably see quite a few other unique and interesting species along the way. Check out our events calendar today!

Morchella_esculenta_FredSlezakMorchella esculentoides by Frederick A Slezak

Maya with giant morelsMaya with Giant Morels by Hugh Urban

May Marita King Gyromitra esculentaGyromitra brunnea by Marita King

ganoderma tsugae_AMGanoderma Tsugaby Andrea Moore

Mushroom Books_03Essentials for Beginners (Mushrooms of Northeast North America by George Baron, Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by William C Roody, David Arora’s Mushrooms Demystifiedby Alan McClelland

Morchella deliciosa_HUMorchella diminutiva by Hugh Urban

May Marita King Lycogala epidendrumLycogala epidendrum by Marita King

Ascomycetes_WSSpring ascomycetes by Walt Sturgeon

Entoloma-strictius-var.-isaRainfall shelter by Alan McClelland

Polyporus badiusPolyporus badius by Hugh Urban

SONY DSCA Little Sign of Spring by Alan McClelland

May Marita King Urnula crateriumUrnula craterium by Marita King

Polyporus squamosus_KLPolyporus squamosus by Kim Lewin

Gymnopus polyphyllus . Gymnopus polyphyllus by Walt Sturgeon

Gyromitra korfii May 2013 Gyromitra korfii  by Walt Sturgeon

Morels 2013 Spring Delights by Walt Sturgeon

rhodotus palmatus_HURhodotus palmatus by Hugh Urban

Psathyrella May 2013Psathyrella sp. by Walt Sturgeon

Mushroom Books_05Magazines for Fungiphiles by Alan McClelland

Maya with bowl of Pleurotus ostreatusMaya with a bowl of Pleurotus ostreatus by Hugh Urban

morchella esculenta_HUMorchella esculentoides by Hugh Urban


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