June Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the June installment of Mushrooms of the Month. The warmer weather has finally moved into our region of the States and is slowly revealing a variety of beautiful species on the forest floor. With the immense amount of rain we have endured in May this year, we should be seeing some of the most unique species to Ohio in the next months. Although some species may be fruiting later this year due to a much colder May we have had in years. At the same time, I am already seeing reports of species we normally would find in July and August already. So my advice is to get out into nature; it could be the woods in your backyard, a metro park, state park, nature preserve or even an old growth forest! Just get out!

Vibrissea truncorum (2) Vibrissea truncorum by Walt Sturgeon

Psathyrella velutina_AMLacrymaria velutina by Andrea Moore

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum AM Pseudohydnum elatinosum by Alan McClelland

Schizophyllum commune Schizophyllum commune by Hugh Urban

Scutellinia scutellata_AMScutellinia scutellata by Andrea Moore

Pleurotus ostreatus_AMPleurotus ostreatus by Alan McClelland

Auricularia auricula_AMAuricularia auricula by Alan McClelland

Ganoderma lucidum_AMGanoderma lucidum by Alan McClelland

Inonotus dryadeus_AMInonotus dryadeus by Alan McClelland

Artomyces pyxidatus_AMArtomyces pyxidatus by Andrea Moore

Trichaptum biforme_AMTrichaptum biforme by Alan McClelland

Psathyrella delineata_AMPsathyrella delineata by Alan McClelland

Coprinopsis variegata_AMCoprinopsis variegata by Alan McClelland

Sarcoscypha occidentaliss_AMSarcoscypha occidentalis by Alan McClelland

Ductifera pululahuana_AMDuctifera pululahuana by Alan McClelland

Omphalotus illudens_RDOmphalotus illudens by Richard Doyle

Mycena subcaerulea  (1) Mycena subcaerulea by Walt Sturgeon

Mycena haematopus Mycena haematopus by Walt Sturgeon

Stemonitus  (2) Stemonitus sp. by Walt Sturgeon

Polyporus umbellatus Polypros umbellatus by Walt Sturgeon

Boletus frostii B Boletus frostii by John Plischke

SONY DSC Exobasidium sp. by John Plischke

Helvella griseoalba Helvella costifera by John Plischke

Pleurotus ostreatus_AMPleurotus ostreatus by Andrea Moore

Laetiporus cincinnatus_AMLaetiporus cincinnatus by Alan McClelland


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