July Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the July installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Summer is here and it’s time to get out! This is one of the best summer months to find a wide range of vibrant species throughout the forests of Ohio. Several stunning varieties of Boletus and Agaricus alone come up in this month that make it worth getting out as some are quite delicious edibles. So now is the time to break out that digital camera of yours and put it to some good use. Plus don’t forget to hunt for those great summer edibles, Ohio has to offer!

July Marita King Tylopilus rubrobrunneus C
Tylopilus rubrobrunneus by Marita King

Searching_AHMSearching by Alan McClelland

Laetiporus cincinnatus_HULaetiporus cincinnatus by Hugh Urban

July Marita King Clavulinopsis aurantiocinnabarina
Clavulinopsis aurantiocinnabarina by Marita King

Cantharellus cinnabarinus_AMCantharellus cinnabarinus by Andrea Moore

Tylopilus alboater_WSTylopilus alboater by Walt Sturgeon

Lactarius indigo_HULactarius indigo by Hugh Urban

Humaria hemisphaerica_jpHumaria hemisphaerica by John Plischke III 

July Marita King Amanita cokeriAmanita cokeri by Marita King

Chrlophyllum molybditesChlorophyllum molybdites by Hugh Urban

Laccaria laccata_AMLaccaria laccata by Andrea Moore

July Marita King Spathulariopsis velutipesSpathulariopsis velutipes by Marita King

Amanita jacksonii_HUAmanita jacksonii by Hugh Urban

boletus-subtomentosus-ccBoletus subtomentosus by Alan McClelland

July Marita King Chlorophyllum molybditesChlorophyllum molybdites by Marita King

Craterellus ignicolorCraterellus ignicolor by Hugh Urban

Bondarzewia berkeleyi_WSBondarzewia berkeleyi by Walt Sturgeon

Tapinella atrotomentosa_WSTapinella atrotomentosa by Walt Sturgeon

Gyroporus cyanescens_HUGyroporus cyanescens by Hugh Urban

Pseudoboletus parasiticus_WSPseudoboletus parasiticus by Walt Sturgeon

Boletus pulverulentus_WSBoletus pulverulentus by Walt Sturgeon

Boletus subtomentosus_AMBoletus subtomentosus by Andrea Moore

Lactarius-quietus-var.-incaLactarius quietus var. incanus by Alan McClelland

July Marita King Tylopilus rubrobrunneus BTylopilus rubrobrunneus by Marita King


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