September Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the September installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

As many of you are aware for the past few years Alan McClelland has been running the website for our group.  Unfortunately, he has informed us that he will no longer be available to take on that role going forward.  Alan has done a wonderful job these past few years and his expertise will be missed.  If you wish to thank him for all of his past efforts please contact him via his profile or just add a comment to this month’s edition of Mushrooms of the Month.

With the closing of every door comes the opening of another.  We have decided to try a different approach to providing content on the website by soliciting for volunteers.  Contributions can include something as simple as providing well identified photographs (you must own the copyright) to be included in the Mushrooms of the Month article, or they include things up to and including full articles which will be of interest to your fellow mycophiles.

If you have any ideas for articles and are interested in being a contributor on the OMS website please contact us via the Contact Form.  We will then get back to you via email to discuss the available options and possibilities.

In any event we will continue to collect and post your photographic submissions for the Mushrooms of the Month article each month, so please keep those submissions coming!


The OMS Board

Coprinopus atramentariusCoprinopus atramentarius by Walt Sturgeon

Lactarius subpurpureusLactarius subpurpureus by Walt Sturgeon

Lycoperdon perlatumLycoperdon perlatum by Walt Sturgeon

Suillus grevilleiSuillus grevillei by Walt Sturgeon

Tricholomopsis sulphureoidesTricholomopsis sulphureoides by Walt Sturgeon

2013-09A September Marita King Geastrum triplexGeastrum triplex by Marita King

2013-09B September Marita King Geastrum triplexGeastrum triplex by Marita King

2013-09C September Marita King Lycoperdon perlatumLycoperdon perlatum by Marita King

2013-09D September Marita King Omphalotus oleariusOmphalotus olearius by Marita King

2013-09E September Marita King Hericium coralloides or americanumHericium coralloides or Hericium americanum by Marita King

2013-09F September Marita King Hericium ramosumHericium ramosum by Marita King



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