January Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the January installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

Flammulina velutipesFlammulina velutipes by Walt Sturgeon

Fomes fomentariusFomes fomentarius a.k.a. Tinder Fungus, Ice Man Fungus by Walt Sturgeon

Fomitopsis pinicolaFomitopsis pinicola a.k.a. Red-Belt Conk by Walt Sturgeon

Pleurotus ostreatusPleurotus ostreatus a.k.a. Oyster Mushroom by Walt Sturgeon

Polyporus brumalisPolyporus brumalis by Walt Sturgeon

Pycnoporus cinnabarinusPycnoporus cinnabarinus by Walt Sturgeon

If you are interested in contributing to the mushrooms of the month please contact the web master using the contact form and he will provide you with submission information.

1 thought on “January Mushrooms of the Month

  1. Hello
    I’m looking for wild mushrooms to purchase especially chicken of the woods. Please contact me with any contacts.


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