July Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the July installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

Amanita flavoconiaAmanita flavoconia a.k.a. yellow wart by Walt Sturgeon

Amanita parcivolvataAmanita parcivolvata by Walt Sturgeon

Gyroporus castaneusGyroporus castaneus a.k.a. the Chestnut Bolete by Walt Sturgeon

Lactarius corrugisLactarius corrugis by Walt Sturgeon

Lactarius hygrophoroidesLactarius hygrophoroides by Walt Sturgeon

Lactifluus lignyotusLactifluus lignyotus by Walt Sturgeon

Pulveroboletus nnixusPulveroboletus nnixus by Walt Sturgeon

If you are interested in contributing to the mushrooms of the month please contact the web master using the contact form and he will provide you with submission information.


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