August Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the August installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

Armillaria melleaArmillaria mellea a.k.a. Honey Mushrooms by Walt Sturgeon

Harrya chromapesHarrya chromapes a.k.a. Yellowfoot Bolete by Walt Sturgeon

Humidicutis marginataHumidicutis marginata by Walt Strugeon

Hydnum repandumHydnum repandum a.k.a. Hedgehog Mushroom by Walt Sturgeon

Hygrophoropsis aurantiacaHygrophoropsis aurantiaca a.k.a. False Chanterelle by Walt Sturgeon

If you are interested in contributing to the mushrooms of the month please contact the web master using the contact form and he will provide you with submission information.

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