December Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the December installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

Agaricus campestrisAgaricus campestris a.k.a. Meadow Mushroom by Thomas Sampliner

Coprinus comatus
Coprinus comatus a.k.a. Shaggy Mane by Thomas Sampliner

Fomes fomentariusFomes fomentarius a.k.a. tinder fungus by Walt Strugeon

Fomitopsis cajanderiFomitopsis cajanderi by Walt Sturgeon

Fomitopsis ochraceaFomitopsis ochracea by Walt Sturgeon

Holwaya mucidaHolwaya mucida by Walt Sturgeon

Hypholoma capnoidesHypholoma capnoides by Walt Sturgeon

Laetiporus sulphureusLaetiporus sulphureus a.k.a Chicken of the Woods by Thomas Sampliner

Rhizopogon speciesRhizopogon species by Walt Sturgeon

Note that “Mushrooms of the Month” refers to the mushroom photos which were submitted for publication in a given month, not necessarily that they are commonly found in that month.

If you are interested in contributing to the mushrooms of the month please contact the web master using the contact form and he will provide you with submission information.


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