Looking Forward to a Fungal Year

Contributed by Debra Shankland, OMS President

Happy New Year to all of our readers from the volunteer board members of the Ohio Mushroom Society!  We hope that 2023 will be a peaceful and healthy year for all of us.

We haven’t set a date yet, but we will be meeting near the last half of February to plan our forays for the year, so that the event schedule should be mostly filled by late March.  In the past, some of our members that have the good fortune of stewarding their own woodlands have suggested a foray at their private property.  The benefits to the landowner include a greater understanding of the fungi present on their property, plus the convenience of walking out the door, instead of driving, to attend a foray.  The benefits to your fellow members include discovering a new habitat, and perhaps new mushrooms that are in short supply on Ohio’s few public acres available to mushroom collecting.  Ideal foray locations will have parking for about 10 cars; some type of barn, garage or other shelter; and toilet facilities, but we’ve hosted many forays without such amenities.  If you’d like to discuss this or just want more information on what’s entailed in hosting a foray, please contact me at deb.shankland@yahoo.com in January.

The OMS membership year runs from January 1 thru December 31, so please plan to renew now so that you don’t miss an issue of our Mushroom Log, or the newsletters and benefits extended by the North American Mycological Association to our members.  To renew or begin a new membership, just click on the “Join” tab above, download and fill out the form, then mail it with a check to our Treasurer, Jerry Pepera.  Everyone with an interest in mushrooms is welcome in our club, no matter your age, sex, race, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability or socio-economic status.  Students are especially welcome–we will provide you with a free membership!  Just send a copy of your current, valid student ID instead of a check with your membership form.

Watch this space for a guest blog from one of our members next month, and consider contributing a blog or newsletter article yourself.  The Ohio Mushroom Society is what our members and volunteers make us!