OMS Calendar of Events – 2018

OMS “Mini” Forays for 2018

West Branch State Park – Saturday, May 5th, 10 AM.  Contact Bryan Lewis at or (917) 475-6135 for more information.

Hiram Ohio – Sunday, May 6th, 2 PM.  Contact Walt Sturgeon at to register.

Wayne National Forest – May 6th.  This is part of the Wayne National Forest Bioblitz in partnership with Rural Action. Contact Martha Bishop at or (740) 593-4552 for more information.

Wakeman – Sunday, June 24, 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Please contact Pete Richards at to register.

South-central Ohio – Sunday, July 29, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.   Contact Shirley McClelland at (740) 215-5883 to register.

Northwest Ohio – Saturday, September 29, time TBD.  Contact Bob & Joanne at (567) 208-3443.

Trumbull County – Sunday, September 30, 1 – 4 p.m.  Contact Pauline Munk at to register.

Columbiana County – Sunday, October 14, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Contact Walt Sturgeon at to register.

Central Ohio – Saturday, October 20, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Contact Sharon Greenberg at or (330) 457-2345 to register.

OMS 2018 Summer Foray

Please join us for our Summer Foray July 14-15 at the recently renovated Zaleski ODNR Complex, 29371 Wheelabout Road, McArthur, Ohio 45651.

We will feature nationally known mycologists Walt Sturgeon and John Plischke, III.  Walt will serve as chief identifier for the foray and John will present our featured talk:  Boletes of the Northeast and Beyond.  Both Walt and John are nationally recognized as expert identifiers of fungi, and both have won numerous awards for their fungal photographs.

Click here for full details: Mushroom Log – May/June 2018

OMS 2018 Fall Foray

We are happy to return to Hiram, Ohio on the weekend of October 6 & 7.  Our foray mycologist and speaker will be Walt Sturgeon, author of Mushrooms of Appalachia, due out soon.  There will be limited on-site lodging available.  More details will be available in the next issue of the Mushroom Log.  In the meanwhile, contact Debra Shankland at for more information.

Other regional programs

Bentleyville, Ohio – Saturday, May 5, 7:30 p.m.  Illustrated slide talk on the Mushrooms of Ohio by Jerry Pepera.  Free and open to the public.  See for more information.

Parma, Ohio – Three-part mushroom workshop May 10 – 12.  Includes two evening classes and ID workshop, a Saturday foray, plus the Cleveland Metroparks mushroom guide.  $17 fee includes all three parts and the guide.  Space is limited.  More information and registration is available at

Dawes Arboretum – Saturday, July 7 and Saturday, October 13.  3-5 PM. Basic mushroom identification classes. Event details are here:

Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center – Saturday, July 7 from 9:00 – noon – Mushrooms. Walt Sturgeon, a nationally recognized amateur mycologist with over 40 years of experience, will lead this event. This workshop will include a slide program, a collecting field trip, and a mushroom display. There will be information on distinctive, edible, and toxic species, basic taxonomy, fungal ecology, folklore, cooking tips, and ethnomycology (people and mushrooms). Participants may have edible mushrooms to take home. Participants are asked to bring a basket and wax bags or wax paper for collecting the mushrooms. Portions of the walk may be moderate to difficult walking. Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Class size is limited to 22, so register early at Website:

Scenic Vista Park Mushroom display and walk – July 8, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
No RSVP required

Beaver Twp. Nature Preserve mushroom display and walk Oct 13, 1:30-3:30
No RSVP required.

Dick Grimm Memorial Banquet

This popular annual event will take place on Saturday, November 3, 6:30 p.m. at Wooster’s Broken Rocks restaurant.  We very much look forward to a presentation by mycologist, author and university professor Nicholas P. Money.  Registration information will be available in June.


2018 Summer Foray at Zaleski ODNR Complex

Summer Foray 2018 at Zaleski ODNR Complex

Dates:  July 14-15, 2018
Zaleski ODNR Complex in Vinton County; 29371 Wheelabout Rd, McArthur OH 45651
Foray Organizer:  
Martha Bishop, (740) 593-4552

Please join us for our Summer Foray in the beautiful and diverse forests of southeastern Ohio.

We will feature nationally known mycologists Walt Sturgeon and John Plischke, III.  Walt will serve as chief identifier for the foray and John will present our featured talk:  Boletes of the Northeast and Beyond.  Both Walt and John are nationally recognized as expert identifiers of fungi, and both have won numerous awards for their fungal photographs.

John Plischke, III is the author of Good Mushroom Bad Mushroom: Who’s toxic, Where to find them, and how to enjoy them safely, and Morel Mushrooms and Their Poisonous Look-alikes.  John is a founding member of the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, and serves as Chair of the Photography Committee for the North American Mycological Association.

Walt Sturgeon has authored or co-authored and provided photographs for several popular mushroom books including Mushrooms of Ohio, Waxcap Mushrooms of Eastern North America, Mushrooms and Other Fungi of the West Virginia High Country, and has recently published Mushrooms of the Northeast with Teresa Marrone.  Walt serves as Awards Committee Chair for the North American Mycological Association.

Campsites and Cabins are available at nearby Lake Hope State Park.  Due to limited availability of cabin space attendees are encouraged to make reservations NOW.  Call 1-866-644-6727 or visit the Ohio DNR website.  Reservations will fill up quickly.  Athens is the closest location for other options.



Coming Changes

To our followers,

Over the next couple of months we will be distributing the responsibility for managing the content on the website to several new editors and volunteers.  At this time we expect to keep the same basic types of content on the site but responsibility for posting and maintaining that content will be taken over by several people who will be new to this task.

We expect a smooth transition of responsibility and for the most part the transition should be invisible to our readers.  Yesterday, however, while showing some of the new editors what to expect I published and then deleted a couple of example articles.  I did not consider that this would generate notifications to our followers.

So if you received some confusing notifications for non-existent posts this is the reason.  Please bear with us during this period of transition and rest assured that the same quality content will be available here after the transition is complete.

Thank you for following our site and we look forward to a wonderful new year in the world of mycology!


The OMS Webmaster.


Ohio Mushroom Society Tee Shirts Now Available!

Available for pre-order NOW!

By Jerry Pepera

It’s been quite some time since the OMS has offered a tee shirt for sale. The idea came up after long time members Mike Nagy and Karen Kelley hosted a tour of Case Western Reserve’s Mushroom Growing operation. After the tour, the group met at Karen Kelley’s house for a social gathering. It was there that Karen shared a great tee shirt idea based literally on the design of a mushroom themed napkin. After a quick approval by the board Karen and Cathy Pepera worked to develop the following artwork proof. The text will be featured on the front of the shirt and the logo will be on the reverse side with the background color of the shirt showing through the logo. We think it turned out fantastic!

OMS Tee Shirt 1

Karen Kelley had a few sample hoodies made up (shown below) which Cathy and I wore to the Indiana Morel and Music Festival in April. We had quite a few people comment that they loved the shirts and several people asked us if we had any for sale.

OMS Tee Shirt 2

OMS Tee Shirt 3

Note: The Hoodie in the above pictures does not reflect the actual shirt we will use. (The shirt shown was purchased separately and given to the screen printer just for the sample). Also, the shirt was made using an inkjet printer and is not nearly as vibrant as the actual shirts which will be silkscreened.

Our shirts are available for pre-order which we plan to have available for pick-up at the Summer Foray July 18-19 and the Fall Foray Oct 3-4. In order to guarantee delivery by the Summer Foray all orders must be received no later than July 5th. We will order extra shirts for sale but please note the ordering deadline is only a few weeks away if you want to be sure one is available in your size. We can also mail the shirt(s) to you for an extra fee.

The following shirt options are available:

Gildan Short Sleeve T Shirt (Serene Green)- $17 each. SM-XL ( $20 for 2XL )
Gildan Long Sleeve T Shirt (Serene Green) – $21 each. SM-XL ( $26 for 2XL )

OMS Tee Shirt 4

Hanes Zip-up Hooded Sweat Shirt (Vintage Khaki- PMS 7530, 80% cotton/20 % Poly) – $40 each. SM-XL ( $46 2XL )
OMS Tee Shirt 5

Shipping (Optional): $7

Note: Due to variations in computer displays the colors above may vary slightly from the actual product.

Please forward all orders to:

Jerry Pepera
8915 Knotty Pine Ln.
Chardon, OH 44024

Please make all checks payable to the Ohio Mushroom Society and indicate whether you want the shirts mailed. Unfortunately, our website is not setup to receive electronic payments so you can send me an email and then follow-up with payment in the mail.

Best Regards,


A PDF version of this announcement is available here.

2015 Summer Foray at Ohio University

By Martha Bishop

Our Summer Foray will feature Dr. Michael Kuo. He is the author of several popular books about mushrooms, and has the excellent website:

Kuo’s recent publication, “Taxonomic revision of true morels (Morchella) in Canada and the United States” (Mycologia 104: 1159-1177), describes 19 phylogenetic species of morels from North America, including 14 new species.

July 17 (Fri.)

7:00-9:00 p.m. Meet for dinner at Restaurant Salaam at 21 W. Washington St. See the menu on their website: Restaurant Salaam

 Parking is:

  1. On the street (meters must be paid Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
  2. In the city parking garage (from Court St. turn right onto Washington St. and the garage is ½ block on the right.) This is 1½ blocks from Salaam.
  3. At Ohio University in the same lots we will use for the foray, 4 blocks away (see below). Or use this link to an interactive map of the city of Athens: Athens Ohio Map.
    Click on the By Nametab and type Salaam into the box. Then click on the knife and fork icon. It will give you directions from your location.

Please note that Union St. is one-way going east between Congress and Court St. Court St. is one-way going north. W. Washington is one-way going west between S. Shafer and N. High St. Congress St. is one-way going south between Carpenter and Union St.

Please RSVP if you know you will be here for dinner so that we can reserve adequate space. or (740) 593-4552.

Come to dinner anyway if you can’t decide in advance, and you can be seated as space becomes available.

July 18 (Sat.)

8:30-9:30 am. Meet in room 300 Porter Hall for registration and coffee.

10:00 am. Forays will begin. We will go to several different sites in the local hills.

We will have a potluck lunch, so please bring something to share. Any wild mushrooms for consumption must be verified by expert collectors. Please do not bring any home-canned foods.

Michael Kuo will present: “The names, they are a changing: How taxonomic mycology works these days, and what you can do about it”

A non-technical discussion of the way mycologists determine what names to apply to species, as well as an encouragement for amateurs to help, as citizen scientists.

5:30 p.m. Table talk with explanation of the day’s collections.

6:30 p.m. Dinner at Lui-Lui restaurant.

See menus on their website: Lui-Lui Restaurant Menu

Please RSVP if you plan to be here for dinner so that we can reserve adequate space. On Saturday morning we will have a final count for our reservation.

July 19 (Sun.)

9:00 am. Breakfast at Porter Hall 300.

Review of collected fungi.

10:30 a.m. Sunday foray.

Information on parking at O.U.:

Since our event is taking place on a weekend (and after 5:00 p.m. on Friday) the dark green and purple lots on campus will be available for our free use. Signs at the entrance to each lot indicate lot color and number. A map detailing lot colors and locations can be accessed at: Ohio University Parking

Do not park in metered (unless you pay the meter) or restricted spaces within a dark green or purple lot on July 27-29, as these spaces are monitored. Lots 127,128 & 129 (surrounding Building 95, the

Convocation Center) are across Richland Ave. from Porter Hall (Building 86) to the south. Lot 134 is the closest dark gree/purple lot on the same side of Richland Ave. as Porter Hall, and is also to the south of Porter. Lot 120 which is the closest to Porter Hall has metered and disability permit spaces, but is not one of the free parking lots. We should be able to unload any large equipment from lot 120.

For the Saturday night dinner there is parking by the restaurant and we can park in lot 109 by Building 149 Life Sciences, if necessary.

Directions to Porter Hall:

From Columbus:

Take US-33 East to exit 17, the OH-682 exit. Turn right onto Richland Avenue at the traffic circle. Traffic already in the circle has the right of way. At the next light S. Shafer St. is to the left, and South Green

Drive is to the right. Lots 127, 128, and 129 are the first lots accessible from a left turn at the light, and are then immediately to the right. Lot 134 is accessible from a right turn onto South Green Drive at the same

light, and is the first lot on the left. To find lot 120, turn right at the light and then take the first street left which is Oxbow Trail. Lot 120 is the first lot on the left past lot 134.

From Marietta:

Take US-50 West to exit 17, the OH-682 exit. Follow directions above.

From Cincinnati:

Take OH-32 East to Athens, and merge onto OH-32 E/US-33 W/US-50 E via the ramp to Columbus/Belpre. Exit at OH-682 S. Plains Rd. Follow directions above.

From I-77, coming from the north:

Take exit 176 for US-50/7th St toward Downtown (0.4 mi.) Turn right onto US-50 W entering Ohio (10.2 mi.). Keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-50 W/OH-7 S/OH-32 W/Athens/Pomeroy and merge onto OH-32 W/OH-7 S/US-50 W and continue to follow OH-32 W/US-50 W (32.1 mi.). Take exit 17 to merge onto OH-682N, S. Plains Rd. toward OH-56/Athens. Follow directions above.

Directions for Friday night dinner at Restaurant Salaam:

Take the OH-682 exit as directed above. Turn right onto Richland Ave. at the traffic circle. Traffic already in the circle has the right of way. Turn left at the first light beside the large round Convocation Center,

Building 95. This is S. Shafer St. which curves to the right, and brings you to the first light at W. Union St. Turn right onto W. Union St. Take Union until it dead ends into Court St. Turn left onto Court St. and go to the next light. Turn left at the courthouse onto W. Washington St.. Salaam is ½ block on the left. To park in the city parking garage, turn right at the intersection of Court and Washington, rather than as above. The garage is ½ block on the right.

Directions for Saturday dinner at Lui Lui Restaurant:

From Porter Hall, go to the intersection of Richland Ave. and Shafer St. Turn onto Shafer St. and head west. The large, round Convocation Center should be on your right after you turn. Go to the first light at Shafer St. and Union St. Turn right onto Union St. Go 2 blocks to Depot St. Turn right onto Depot St., and go 1 block, merging right onto Station St. Lui Lui is in the first block of Station St. on the right.

There is parking by the restaurant and we can park in lot 109 by Building 149 Life Sciences, if the restaurant lot is full.   Or we can walk 5 minutes from Porter Hall.


Camping at Stroud’s Run State Park:

Fill out self-registration forms available at the entrance to the campground when you arrive, or register ahead on this website: Stroud’s Run State Park Registration. Up to six people may share a campsite. Cost per site is $19.00/night. Located at 11661 State Park Road, (off Stroud’s Run Road) Athens, Ohio 45701. Park information: (740) 592-2302, 1-866-644-6727. It’s a 15-20 min. drive to O.U.

Days Inn Athens:

They are offering us a group rate again, at $59.99+tax/ night. They are reserving 15 rooms for us, each with 2 double beds and 2 people/ room. Additional people up to 4/room can be added for $5.00/person. These rooms are non-smoking, but smoking rooms can be arranged for an additional $5.00. Rooms come with a mini fridge, coffee, microwave, iron, Cable TV, HBO included, and free Wi-Fi. Also complimentary continental breakfast beginning at 6am. Mention the Ohio Mushroom Society when you book your room, and register by June 30 for the group rate. Cancellations should be made 7 days in advance. They are located at 330 Columbus Rd., just off the Columbus Rd. exit on state route 33. Ten minute drive to O.U. (740) 593-6655.

Also all within 10 minutes of campus:

  • Super 8 Motel, 2091 E. State St. (740) 594-4900
  • Knights Inn, 997 E.State St. (740) 593-5565
  • Baymont Inn, 20 Home St. (740) 594-3000
  • Holiday Inn Express, 555 E. State St. (740) 592-4640
  • Hampton Inn, 986 E. State St. (740) 593-5600
  • Ohio University Inn, 331 Richland Ave. (740) 593-6661

Spring fungi / morel miniforay on Saturday,  May 2nd, 2015 

There will be a spring fungi / morel miniforay on Saturday,  May 2nd, 2015 in Geauga County, Ohio starting at 10 am.  This is a private property with 50+ acres of woods, and would be new site to explore for our group.  The owner has found morels there in the past.

Please contact Sharon Greenberg at 330-457-2345 to R.S.V.P., and for information on the meeting place.  This is free for members.

Morel Seminars in Ohio

As a service to our readers and with Morel season starting to heat up we want to make you aware of some mushroom seminars being sponsored by Fin Feather Fur Outfitters on March 26, 27, 28, and 29 at their Ohio locations.

Details are available on the Fin Feather Fur Outfitters Facebook page and website:

Note that these seminars are not sponsored by or associated with the Ohio Mushroom Society, and this notice is provided for informational purposes only.

Dick Grimm

It is with a heavy heart that we note the passing of Dick Grimm on January 2, 2015.  Dick was a very special person in many ways but his love of the world of mycology and his tireless efforts to pass on his knowledge will be long remembered.  He touched the lives of many in OMS and he will be missed.

Visitation and funeral services for Dick will be today, Tuesday January 6, at the Snyder Funeral Home in Fredericktown.  Visitation will be from 4PM until 7PM.  The funeral will be at 7PM.  Full details are available on the Snyder Funeral Home Website.

Dick Grimm in 2010Back in April, 2013 Alan McClelland conducted an interview with Dick which provides an excellent description of Dick and his many talents: Dick Grimm: Living within Nature.

A Letter From Debra Shankland

Happy Holidays, Myco-Enthusiasts!
As mushroom fruiting slows and ultimately pauses for winter, I’m reflecting on the many discoveries and happy hunts of 2014.
Ohio Mushroom Society members enjoyed fantastic foray options in 2014, including explorations in West Branch State Park, the beautiful Hocking Hills, Lake Hope State Park and a special visit to North Chagrin Reservation near Cleveland.  We were extremely privileged to receive a free, guided tour of the totally sustainable mushroom growing operation at CWRU’s Squire ValleeVue Farm, with many, many thanks to members Mike Nagy and Karen Kelly.  You guys absolutely rock!
It was a treat to visit with long-time members and meet new friends at the recent Dick Grimm Banquet in Wooster.  We’re so fortunate to have multi-talented and dedicated mycologist, Walt Sturgeon, providing entertaining and informative programs at this event, and at forays in 2014.
I need to also recognize Jerry Pepera, who not only tracks and communicates with our >150 members, and maintains the club’s treasury, but also serves as our trusted technical advisor!  Jerry recently researched and purchased a dynamite wireless projector for the club, and then generously donated his excellent, personal laptop to OMS so that we and our guest speakers can be treated to reliable and easy-to-use equipment with excellent visual capacity.  Thank you, Jerry!
If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably “met” Dave Miller, OMS Mushroom Log editor, thru his words.  It is no small feat to put together an interesting, timely and informative member newsletter with a half dozen contributors six times each year.  This newsletter alone is a huge benefit to OMS members.  But again it’s the people that make it truly a pleasure.  People like Sharon Greenberg, who puts together and oversees cleanup of fantastic potluck buffets at our major forays with a minimum of fuss.  And people like Martha Bishop and Shirley McClelland, who use their abundant positive energies and know-how to put together and lead fun forays in fungus-rich regions.
There are many benefits received by OMS members–expert mushroom ID tips, discovering new forests, discounted membership fees to the North American Mycological Association, or learning something completely new about a mushroom that you thought you knew.  These, and your own gratitudes, are worth reviewing as membership renewal comes up in January 2015.
I’m very proud to serve on the OMS board, and I look forward to seeing you at a foray in the New Year!
Gratefully yours,
Debra Shankland