This page provides an overview of the organization of the Ohio Mushroom Society website on

Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar is located at the top of each page just under the header graphic.  To select a specific page from the menu bar simply position your mouse over the desired page and left click.  The following content is available from the top menu bar.


This is the main home page for the Ohio Mushroom Society website.  It provides a static page where you will find general information about the club, the website, and a variety of other club related content.


Most of the dynamic content for the site will be provided as various announcements and informational posts which either discuss time sensitive information and provide reviews of specific club functions and events.  The Blog menu item directs you to a page which presents a familiar web blog format hosting all of the dynamic content posted to the site in reverse chronological order.


The Events menu item directs you to a page which provides an overview of the currently scheduled club events for the current calendar year.


The main Contact menu item directs you to a contact form where you can send feedback to the club concerning any topic you wish, including: general queries, requests for clarification regarding various events, requests for other information, and comments on the website itself.

Contact – Board Members:

The Board Members sub-menu item directs you to a current list of the Ohio Mushroom Society Board Members and applicable contact information for each.


The About menu item directs you to a page providing general information about the club.

About – Copyrights:

The Copyrights sub-menu item directs you to a page listing various Copyright related information for this site and its content.

About – Navigation:

This page.


The Join menu item provides a description of the benefits of membership and access to the membership application.


One of the benefits of membership is access to the members only portion of the website which includes the most current versions of the club’s newsletters and other member’s only content as it becomes available.  This menu item acts as the gateway from the main OMS website to the members only portion of the site.

Members – Request Access:

This menu item provides instructions for requesting access to the members only portion of the website.


The Search box provides a means of searching the website content by providing a list of keywords.  Content which contains the listed keywords are displayed in the search results in the normal blog format.

Right Side Convenience Links

On the right hand side of most pages is a side bar containing a number of convenience links.  These are presented in specific subsections as follows.

Recent Posts:

The Recent Posts section provides instant access to the 3 most recent posts made to the website so you can easily find the most recently updated topics.  For a complete list of the dynamic content visit the Blog page.


Categories are applied to all posts made to this website.  These provide a convenient means for you to find the specific type of information you are looking for.  Selecting a category from the list provided will display the posts from that category in reverse chronological order.  For example, to see just the Newsletters or the Special Features posts select the specific category of interest.


The archives section provides a convenient mechanism for finding posts based on the dates when they were posted.  Simply use the drop down menu to select the month of interest and the posts from that month will be displayed.

OMS Links:

The OMS Links section provides convenient access to other Ohio Mushroom Society hosted, sponsored, or affiliated web content.


The Meta section provides easy access to WordPress related links for logging into the site, access the RSS feeds for this website, and other administrative tasks.