2013 OMS Summer Foray at Penitentiary Glen Reservation

By Dave Miller

The weekend began with about 16 or so (many of them Board members) at Kirtland City Tavern to enjoy their menu and libations, where appropriate.  During Friday night and Saturday am the area was subjected to a series of rather fierce thunderstorms.  As it was still raining at 8:30 am, we think that many folks decided the foray had been canceled, at least that was our explanation for the low turnout, despite the wet summer which promised many specimens.

We convened at 9 am.  After coffee and a variety of baked goods, Pat Morse spoke about the site and some DO’s and DON’T’s, especially as the storms made some of the cliffside areas slippery.  Jerry Pepera outlined the day’s agenda, which was printed on half-sheets of paper, with a map of the area on the obverse side. Several groups explored different section of Pen Glen in the am, while a group visited Holden Arboretum and Chapin Forest in the pm.

Walt gave his usual excellent slide show on Fantastic Fungi. Amongst his beautiful photos Walt mentioned that folks do four different things with their fungal finds:  picking, kicking, fixing, and pixing.  Which category do you fit in?  … I guess you can do more than one of those things.

We reconvened at the Kirtland City Tavern, with the following attending:  Jerry & Cathy Pepera, Marita King, Bob Bartoletta, Mike Nagy & Karen Kelley, Marita King, Alan McClelland, Pete Richards, Deb Shankland, Martha Bishop, Dick & Judy Doyle, Walt Sturgeon, Alex, Jill, & Ryan Conway, Ian Adams, and Marie Anderson-Miller and I. Other attendees included Paul Balog, Brian Lewis & Laura Wilson, Bonnie Boyd, Ryan Vincent, and Bobby Hancock. Sunday am we catalogued the species list, Pete & Pauline Munk helping out (they’d also joined us for Friday dinner).

Deb Shankland did a yeoman’s job setting up breakfasts both Sat. & Sun. as well as getting the noon potluck on the table.  Many thanks to her pitching in, taking Sharon Greenberg & Shirley McClelland’s place.

For a glimpse of more of the beautiful things we encountered view the link below

2013 OMS Summer Foray at Penitentiary Glen Reservation Overview by Alan McClelland

2013 OMS Pen Glen Summer Foray species list


Forgotten Wonders Beneath the Trees • summer series II


This gallery contains 1 photo.

by Alan McClelland This is the third installment of a five part series that I captured between mid July to late September of 2011-2012. Species start to flourish on the forest floors around this time of year, making it some … Continue reading

2013 OMS Strouds Run August Mini-foray


On a gorgeous Sunday morning, nine of us gathered at Strouds Run State Park to find some tasty edibles and new species alike. For most of us, this was another educational walk learning some new species exclusively from the area that I was not previously aware of myself and finding some delicious edibles such smooth chanterelles, tawny milkcaps, and beefsteaks! Everyone’s ambition and eagerness to find new species made it a pleasant day along with the incredible weather. Martha Bishop gave some insight to native wildflowers along with interesting facts about the local fungi since she is from the area along with being a Plant Biology Teacher at Ohio University. Here is glimpse of a few things we saw that morning and our species list for those few hours in the woods.

 • 2013 OMS Strouds Run August Mini-Foray overview gallery

2013 OMS Strouds Run August mini-foray species list

2013 OMS Summer Chanterelle Mini-foray

OMS_JulyChaMF2013_15by Alan McClelland

This past Sunday, Shirley McClelland lead a dozen of us to an excellent secret spot just within the Hocking Hills region to find the elusive but super delicious Black Trumpets and an array of tasty chanterelle species. Of which many of us hoped for and did find with much success! In addition along the way, we found a nice diversity of boletus, amanita, russula and polypore species that made the hidden spot even more magical for many of us who were taking photos. Hugh Urban once again saved the day with his vast knowledge of species from the area and brought along his mushroom hunting buddy to help scout those tasty edibles. So here is a glimpse of what we saw that beautiful Sunday morning in the lush forest of Hocking Hills.

• 2013 OMS Hocking Hills July Chanterelle overview gallery
• 2013 OMS Hocking Hills July Chanterelle Mini-foray species list