May Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the May installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Finally, Spring is starting to warm up here and we all know what that means–mushrooms! Along with the decent rainfall we have been getting as well, things are looking much brighter for us here in Ohio this upcoming month as concerning the world of fungi. More colorful species will start to reveal themselves amongst the trees, along with the wild flowers that are already displaying their array of richness and beauty for all of us to enjoy. The elusive species of Morchella are actually just starting to peak and came quite late for most of us here in Ohio. Plus, some other edible species will start to show themselves this month. So get away from technology for a bit and get out enjoy the charms of all that Spring has to offer and join us for a foray!

Rickenella fibula
Rickenella fibula by Dan Molter

Pleurotus ostreatus by Marita King

Mycena leaiana by Alan McClelland

Coprinellus micaceus (4)
Coprinellus micaceus by Walt Sturgeon

Marasmius sullivantii
Marasmius sullivantii by Dan Molter

Rhodotus palmatusRhodotus palmatus by Dan Molter

Xeromphalina tenuipes
Xeromphalina tenuipes by Dan Molter

Lycogala epidendrum
Lycogala epidendrum by Dan Molter

Gymnopus dryophilus by Dan Molter

Peziza phyllogena
Peziza badioconfusa by Dan Molter

Stemonitis sp. by Dan Molter

Peziza sp. by Walt Sturgeon

Pseudoplectania nigrescens
Pseudoplectania nigrescens by Walt Sturgeon

Scutellinia scutellata by Walt Sturgeon

Pleurotus pulmonarius (2)
Pleurotus pulmonarius by Walt Sturgeon

Russula pulchra by Alan McClelland

Pholiota-veris_cc_AMPholiota veris by Alan McClelland

Tremella mesenterica by Alan McClelland

Vibrissea truncorum by Alan McClelland

Helvella elastica by Alan McClelland

Sulfur Shelf_MK
 Laetiporus sulphureus by Marita King

Mycena leaiana by Marita King



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