October Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the October installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Ok, if you haven’t got out at all this year or attended any OMS forays, you might want to consider getting out this month! This is prime time for some excellent Fall edibles such as: Hen of the Woods, Lion’s Mane, aborted entoloma, Parasol and Honey Mushrooms just to name a few. Along with the outstanding edibles that can be found this month, there is an immense variety of colorful and very unique looking species that are exclusively up during the gorgeous season. This weekend is our OMS Fall Foray at Deep Woods nearby Ash Cave in Hocking Hills, October 5-6th. Be there as everyone else will. Maybe you will even catch a few educational fungi movies this time around and enjoy a taste of some local wild edibles!

Macrolepiota rachodes_HUChlorophyllum rhacodes by Hugh Urban

Hericium erinaceus_HU
Hericium erinaceus by Hugh Urban

Hericium erinaceus_9lbs_HUHericium erinaceus at 9lbs by Hugh Urban

Armillaria_mellea_NLArmillaria mellea by Alan McClelland

Pleurotus ostreatus_HUPleurotus ostreatus by Hugh Urban

Leucopholiota decorosa_WSLeucopholiota decorosa by Walt Sturgeon

Cortinarius velicopia
Cortinarius velicopia by Dan Molter

Coprinus comatus_MK
Coprinus comatus by Marita King

Irpex lacteus_AMIrpex lacteus by Andrea Moore

Helvella crispa by Alan McClelland

ramariopsis-kunzei_cf_3Ramariopsis kunzei by Alan McClelland

Postia caesia_PR
Postia caesia by Pete Richards

Clavariadelphus americanus by Alan McClelland

Mycena atkinsoniana
Mycena atkinsoniana by Dan Molter

Cordyceps capitata by Alan McClelland

Hypsizygyus ulmarius_HUHypsizygyus ulmarius by Hugh Urban

Geastrum quadrifidum
Geastrum quadrifidum by Dan Molter

Flammulina velutipes_PR
Flammulina velutipes by Pete Richards

Panellus stipticus NC 7 11 2013 CPanellus stipticus by John Plischke III

Phlebia incarnata NC 7 10 2013 APhlebia incarnata  by John Plischke III

Ganoderma lucidum_AMGanoderma lucidum by Andrea Moore

Calvatia gigantea
Calvatia gigantea by Dan Molter

Agaricus arvensis_PR
Agaricus arvensis by Pete Richards

Prunulus pura_WSMycena pura by Walt Sturgeon

Galerina marginata_WS
Galerina marginata by Walt Sturgeon

Spinellus fusiger Mycena haematopus_MK
Spinellus fusiger on Mycena haematopus by Marita King

2013-09-25F Tiny Earthstars
Geastrum saccatum by Marita King


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