December Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the December installment of Mushrooms of the Month. Frigid weather is upon us, but some fungi species can thrive quite well during these freezing months. So if you are out for a cold weather hike or enjoying a winter vacation, keep a keen eye to the forest floor as you never know what winter charms you may find!

In the meanwhile, we can enjoy some “fun” moments in fungi. Below are some experiences we have encountered while searching for delicious edibles in the woods these past years. And if you like these, there are many more to come in the next winter installments of mushrooms of the month. Stay warm, enjoy some CordyChi® hot chocolate, and thaw out some of those delicious edibles you harvested this past spring & summer!

WinterOysters2013_MKPleurotus ostreatus by Marita King

JO-3 Wickets Discovery AHMWicket’s discovery by Alan McClelland

Morel_Hunting_With_BigfootMorel Hunting with Bigfoot by Jerry Pepara

MaritaKingFungiphile Love by Marita King

Laura&MaitakeLaura frondosa by Laura & Bryan Wilson

John_Matt_NL_QH_2012_13The Mushroom Magician by Alan McClelland

A Prince promised! by Marita King

Pholiota-squarrosoides-nl_2Pholiota shelter for the Chief of the Forest by Alan McClelland

JO-2 Judge me by my size_AHMJudge me by my size? by Alan McClelland

JO-1 Hanging_out_AHMHanging out by Alan McClelland

WordsofMorelinNature_AHMWhat we love to find in the spring by Alan McClelland

ATMus-cyanoxantha-ooATMus cyanoxantha by Alan McClelland

Tremella mesenterica_DM Tremella mesenterica by Dan Molter

Xylobolus frustulatus_DM Xylobolus frustulatus by Dan Molter

Daldinia sp_DM Daldinia concentrica by Dan Molter

Lycogala epidendrum_DM Lycogala epidendrum by Dan Molter

Multiclavula mucida_DM
Multiclavula mucid by Dan Molter

Phleogena faginea_DM Phleogena faginea by Dan Molter

Pluteus umbrosus_DMPluteus umbrosus by Dan Molter

Cryptoporus volvatus_WSCryptoporus volvatus by Walt Surgeon

Piptoporus betulinus_WSPiptoporus betulinus by Walt Surgeon

Ganoderma applanatum_WS
Ganoderma applanatum by Walt Surgeon

Fomitopsis pinicola_WSFomitopsis pinicola by Walt Surgeon

Fomes fomentarius_WSFomes fomentarius by Walt Surgeon


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