December Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the December installment of Mushrooms of the Month.

This month we are featuring a selection of cold weather fungi.

Ascocoryne sarcoidesAscocoryne sarcoides by Walt Sturgeon

Exidia glandulosaExidia glandulosa by Walt Sturgeon

Flammulina velutipesFlammulina velutipes a.k.a. winter mushroom, velvet stem, velvet foot, enoki, enokitake by Walt Sturgeon

Gloeophyllum sepiariumGloeophyllum sepiarium by Walt Sturgeon

Oxyporus populinusOxyporus populinus by Walt Sturgeon

Pycnoporus cinnabarinusPycnoporus cinnabarinus by Walt Sturgeon

If you are interested in contributing to the mushrooms of the month please contact the web master using the contact form and he will provide you with submission information.


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