August Mushrooms of the Month

Welcome to the August installment of Mushrooms of the Month. This this is one of my very favorite months to be out photographing and foraging for mushrooms as the diversity of gorgeous varieties are at their peak here in Ohio! I cannot think of a better time to be out in the woods right now and maybe you will find some tasty edibles along the way if you know what you are looking for and can identify it correctly. Feel free to send us your photos if you are not sure about the species you found and we will help you on it’s identification and edibility as best as we can. Enjoy the charms of Summer!

Laetiporus cincinnatus by Alan McClelland

Craterellus fallax or cornucopioides_KLCraterellus cornucopioides by Kim Lewin

2013-08 August Marita King Hygrocybe conica
Hygrocybe cuspidata by Marita King

Macrolepiota procera_HU
Macrolepiota procera by Hugh Urban

Phallus ravenelii_WS
Phallus ravenelii by Walt Sturgeon

Omphalotus olearius_AM
Omphalotus olearius by Andrea Moore

Coprinopsis variegata_AM
Coprinopsis variegata by Alan McClelland

2013-08 August Marita King Grifola frondosa
Grifola frondosa by Marita King

Amanita jacksonii_HU
Amanita jacksonii by Hugh Urban

Turbinellus floccosus_WS
Turbinellus floccosus by Walt Sturgeon

Boletus ornatipes2_Am
Retiboletus ornatipes by Alan McClelland

2013-08A August Marita King Laetiporus sulphureus
Laetiporus sulphureus by Marita King

Suillus subauraeus_WS
Suillus subaureus by Walt Sturgeon

Coprinus comatus_AM
Coprinus comatus by Alan McClelland

Hygrocybe flavescens_WS
Hygrocybe flavescens by Walt Sturgeon

Hypomyces hyalinus_HU
Hypomyces hyalinus by Hugh Urban

Ramaria formosa_AM
Ramaria formosa by Alan McClelland

Microstoma floccosum_HU
Microstoma floccosum by Hugh Urban

Amanita rubescens_HU
Amanita rubescens by Hugh Urban

2013-08 August Marita King Armillaria tabescens
Armillaria tabescens by Marita King

Sarcodon imbricatum_AM
Sarcodon imbricatum by Alan McClelland

Agaricus campestris_AM
Agaricus campestris by Andrea Moore

Lactarius volemus_AM
Lactarius volemus by Alan McClelland

Mutinus elegans_AM
Mutinus elegans by Alan McClelland

Strobilomyces strobilaceus_KL
Strobilomyces floccopus by Kim Lewin

Cyathus striatus_Am
Cyathus striatus by Alan McClelland


4 thoughts on “August Mushrooms of the Month

  1. I found a basketball size smooth white mushroom that favors a puffball but is more oblong than spherical. I’d like help identifying it but cannot find where to email my picture.

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